Katrina Koala Huang




34歲 O型 獅子座


1986 ,8




平易近人 活潑好動 樂觀開朗 忠厚老實 不拘小節 心地善良 古道熱腸 爽朗健談 熱情大方 率真單純 


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美加 歐洲 紐澳 

I am an elementary English teacher at cram school. I love English since I was very young. Unlike many people who have chances to stay abroad for a long time, I have money only enough for studying English in Taiwan.

The happiest period of studying English is college time.
It is English that makes me know about feminism which I might have never got a chance to know because exams in Taiwan don't cover this.
And it's until then I found that there is a difference between the voices of articles from male authors and female authors. And it's sad that text books in Taiwan are written in voices of men.
It is English that makes there is a subject called linguistics. It's an amazing subject. It makes languages scientific. My favorite part of linguistics is phonetics.
It is English that makes me know it's such a beautiful thing to write my feelings into a poem since I really think English is a more musical language than Mandarin due to Mandarin has the same length for each character.

--My favorite poem I wrote is called
【Good morning to you, good evening to me.】
The sun shines on our hair,
shines on the sea.
Nobody could steal
your gentleness to me.
Can't you hear the wind
and tires on the bridge?
The dewdrop on the leaf
is your breath in the gym.
Is there something you miss?
Is there something I wish?
Cycling around,
blue mountains and sea.
Through all the scenery,
I say,
"Good morning to you,
good evening to me."
--I even make this into a song.
I wrote this for a person I loved and I couldn't get his heart.
Sometimes inspiration comes at those frustrated moments because wisdom needs to be watered by tears for loss.

The happiest period to use English is teaching English.
There is no subject like English can be taught by playing games, singing songs, and playing drama.

I usually don't reply Okcupid man if he is a Taiwanese even if he speaks English because Taiwanese education makes us in a same cast, we don't have the ability to do creative thinking. So usually foreigners interest me more

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